We are providing end to end IT operations for manufacturing /production companies to make their work easier.Our clients are corporates, government bodies and all types of small medium and large enterprise.
We are dedicated to customer satisfaction and it is our priority.We have a dedicated IT consultant department to listen our client requirements and then design an IT infrastructure that fulfils our client requirements in the client budget.


We have special plans to reduce the IT cost without affecting the quality of work to our clients. We have all types of dedicated and shared services in IT to fulfil the client’s IT requirement in extremely low budget.
We give 24*7 days IT & consultation support for our clients on all days including holidays because we value our customer business and money so every second is valuable for us.
We have extreme and unbelievable SLAs(Service level agreements) to secure and prevent the business loss due to service/application/network down time.
Client /desktop, Laptop support (Remote Support/ onsite support), Server support, Network support, storage support, Website development, software development (ERP/accounting/applications), Mobility (BYOD –Bring your own device/MDM mobile device Management). VDi(Virtual Desktop Infrastructure) Environment(Virtual machine/servers, desktop virtualization/application Virtualization.)
We also provide corporate trainings on every technology that our client is using or needs. Our trainers are well experienced and certified in the specific technologies to deliver our best to our clients.

Client /desktop, Laptop support (Remote Support/ onsite support)

We at SG Infosystems provide all types of desktop and laptop support to our clients. We include all types of OS installation, reinstallation and all types of applications support like MS Office, adobe acrobat ect.

We understand the urgency and importance of our clients work so we provide both remote and on site support to our customers.

Remote support is very fast and convenient way to provide support in no time in any part of the world. We provide remote support 24*7 and 365 days a year globally.

There are some special issue which cannot be handled remotely and need a desk side support. To resolve these types of issues we provide onsite support with a dedicated Engineer for your site.

Server support

We at SG Infosystems provide all types of support to your servers. Installation of new servers, upgrading existing servers, monitoring performance of servers.

Features of server support.

On time server support.

Less downtime

Eliminate problems

Data protections

Better security

Configuration standards

Server performance optimization

Server checkups

Hacking recovery and preventions

Server problems.

Network support

Whether it’s your wireless access point, fiber channel switch, or network director that has

reached the end of its initial warranty, SG Infosystems has got you covered. Supporting all Tier-One OEM networking equipment including Cisco, and Brocade, SG Infosystesm can help keep your network running and maximize uptime by offering flexible service level agreements to match your IT strategy.

Our exceptional customer service offers you a  live domestic call center that allows instantaneous responsive support with direct access to Level III and Field Service engineers, so you can get your problem resolved quickly.

SG Infosystems has a team of network experts who design and configure complex networks to fulfil your networking needs.

We support almost all companies’ routers, switches, access points and firewalls.

SG Infosystesms provide a world class network support to our clients.

  1. Less downtime on network
  2. Multiple uplinks for your smooth business operations
  3. testing and troubleshooting problems to regular maintenance
  4. planning of network upgrades and high-level network performance analyses.
  5. Network Monitoring and event handling.
  6. Network security monitoring and enhancing security if needed
  7. Configuring firewalls to increase the network security
  8. Monitoring port attacks and preventing network attacks

Website development, software development (ERP/accounting/applications)

Website is now become an important part of an organisation. When anyone is planning to buy any product or services then they visit the company website to get more information and user reviews about the products and services.

SG Infosystems is providing website designing and host at very lowest price as per the company requirements.

We also provide ERP application software which contains all the required features that our customer need to run their business smooth and make their accounts and HR reports quickly and easily.

Today ERP is very important application that is used widely almost by all the organisations to record their day to day activity. SG Infosystems is one of the companies who provide customize ERP application software with integration to website and cloud & corporate storage.

We also develop all types of application software that our client needs for their business operations.

We backup the data for all type of software and website to ensure & prevent data loss.

Mobility (BYOD –Bring your own device/MDM mobile device Management)

We have launched our BYOD project for our premium customers by keeping the importance of the business emails in mind.

Using BYOD/MDM technology our clients are able to access the corporate emails on their personal mobile phone or tablet, iphone/ipad and they will not miss any emails while they are on business trip.

We provide on call support to our Mobile @ work customers by MDM portal.

Now a days its very difficult to open laptop and check the emails and chat with other people on Lync or any other IMs application. So we are providing all the corporate services on the mobile phone of our clients so they can easily access the corporate data on the mobile phone itself.

With Mobile@ work application customer can also access all the ERP/Application software they are using in their corporate network.

VDi(Virtual Desktop Infrastructure) Environment(Virtual machine/servers, desktop virtualization/application Virtualization.)

We know that for a manufacturing company IT comes under expense so every organisation try to reduce the expenses. SG Infosystems help our clients in reducing the IT cost by implementing desktop virtualization and application virtualization.

We support VMware and Citrix for implementing the virtual infrastructure, by using virtual infrastructure we can reduce the server cost and also licence cost.

For example, if you are using autocad for designing purpose in your organisation and you have autocad installed in 10 systems then you need 10 licences but after implementing the application virtualization you can use only single license on all the 10 machines and simply you can save the cost for 9 license.

In the same way we can also reduce the cost by installing more than one server as a virtual machine in 1 physical server.

This is a short description of VDi for more information and quotation please contact @ info@sginfosystems.in

Complete IT Infrastructure support and management & configuration of other services

SG infosystesms provide a complete IT infrastructure support for your organization few of them are mentioned below.

  1. Domain controller configuration for user authentication
  2. DNS server configuration
  3. DHCP server configuration for allocation of dynamic IP
  4. WDS/OSD server installation & configuration
  5. IIS server installation and configuration
  6. Exchange server installation & configuration
  7. SCCM 2007/2012 installation & configuration
  8. Automation of application installation and other services like wifi access
  9. Incident Management
  10. Problem management
  11. Change management
  12. Event Management
  13. Request management
  14. Major Incident handling as per SLA.

Our Services

1. Implementing new computer networks for small medium and large organisations.

2. Providing remote support for our clients from a central help desk.

3. Maintain and manage full IT infrastructure of organisation including Desktop laptops ,servers, switches, Routers Wifi etc.

4. Implement VPN servers and File servers with 100% data backup facilities.

Other Services

We also provide IT consultation for your organization and contract to hire staffing solutions. Currently we are looking for franchise and Authorised branches in all the cities of Uttar Pradesh, Uttarakhand and Himachal Pradesh. For more information please contact with us.